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In March, under the guidance of the Wuhan Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Wuhan Culture Tourism Group Co., Ltd., the "FUN Market Hi" Spring Tail Party Market event, organized by Wuhan World Expo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and Hankou City Square Shopping Center, was successfully held at Hankou City Square in Wuhan. This event integrated markets, cultural creativity, cute pets, and Wuhan specialty products to create a "Convention and Exhibition +" scene, aiming to establish a new format of cultural and tourism economy with diversified formats and elements. This collaboration fully leveraged the integration of exhibition resources and cultural tourism industries to construct more diversified and creative exhibitions, activities, and experiences, attracting more consumers and tourists, and further enhancing Wuhan's urban image and attractiveness.


As a well-known local enterprise, Wuhan Jarmoo Flag actively supports this collaboration. The development of the cultural tourism economy not only brings economic benefits to the city but also enhances its soft power and cultural taste. We will continue to uphold an open and cooperative attitude, working with partners from all sectors to promote the innovative development of Wuhan's cultural tourism economy. We will jointly explore the development path of the cultural tourism industry, tap into urban consumption potential, and contribute to accelerating Wuhan's construction as an international consumer center city.

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