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Custom Printing Bandana Low Moq Free Design Bandanas For Men And Woman

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Custom Printing Bandanas Low Moq Free Design Bandanas For Men And Woman

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Bandana is made of cotton, satin, polyester, silk, emulation silk, polyester cotton or any materials you want.The pattern on the bandanas is customized according to the customer's pattern.


The satin material looks very shiny, the cotton material is very soft and breathable; the polyester material is wear-resistant, and the silk and emulation silk feels smoother than ordinary materials. 
You can choose what you like. The standard shape is square.Of course, you can also make triangle bandanas, or other customized shapes.


The bandanas are not only a fashion wearable product, but also a dustproof product, and it can also be a promotional gifts or gifts for commercial activities.
In daily life, many people wear bandana neck scarf, especially when traveling or participating in large-scale events.
Bandanas can be used in different occasions to reflect company culture, display team logos, and play a decorative role in daily life.


Usually we use screen pritned or digital technology to make your custom bandanas. When your customize bandana quantity is big , such as 1000pcs, 2000pcs, 5000pcs, 10000pcs,... we use screen printed machine to print, it is cheap and high quality. But if your quantity is just 20pcs,50pcs, 100pcs, 500pcs, ... we use digital machine to print, it is cheap and color is bright. 


Welcome to inquire for more detailed information about bandanas!


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Special Introduction: Emulation Silk Bandanas & Stain Bandanas

With the flow of fashion, more and more people like custom squares with brighter fabrics, so emulation silk and satin bandana are becoming more and more popular.

Different Printing Effect

For the bandanas, there are usually two printing positions, one is single-sided printing and the other is double-sided printing. These two printing effects are different in different materials.
If you are fancy price, then single-sided printing is more in line with your requirements. It is economical and can be accepted by the general public.
If you fancy texture, then double-sided printing is more suitable for you. It feels comfortable, silky, and has more gorgeous colors.

Special Paisley Bandanas

If you just want to order the bandanas, but don't know print which logo. We also have stock paisley bandanas, that are famous all over the world. With polyester and cotton 2 different material. And also have various color for your reference. If you needed this style, that also is ok.

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