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Custom Print Quick Dry Sand Free Suede Beach Towel

Custom Print Quick Dry Sand Free Suede Beach Towel

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Custom Print Quick Dry Sand Free Suede Beach Towel

Custom Print Quick Dry Sand Free Suede Beach Towel

Suede material also called double sided fleece material, It has many advantages, 

1. Light weight, you can't image a 100x180cm towel only around 350g; 

2. Good water absorption and quick dry: It can absorb water 5 times its own weight; whilst still drying quickly

3. Sand free: when you're on vacation by the sea, you can't avoid sand, this material without loop, so sand can be easily brushed away;

4. It also feels soft and comfortable, At the seaside, it can help you resist the hot sun to a certain extent; On the plane, it can also be used as a blanket to give you a little warmth

5. We support custom one side printing, double side printing; and custom size, custom package...


So based on so many advantages, it;s suitable for multi scene, like swimming, sports, beach vacation, outdoor sports, finess, travel, it can also use a pet towel, car cleaning towel!

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Suede Towel

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1) How many pieces do you need? Our MOQ is 50 pieces for one design

2) Which size do you need? Our standard size is 70x140cm

3) Do you need single side printing or double side printing? if you didn't mention it, we will quote based on single side printing.

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With above information, You can not only get the unit price, but also get a free design.

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