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Custom Promotion Retail Neoprene Stubby Holder


CHINA Famous Advertising and Promotion Brand 


Foldable Stubby Holder: 

Foldable type is also called collapsible /adjustable/ pocket stubby holder or koozie.It is the simplest, cheapest & most popular type. Foldable type is normally made of 3mm thick neoprepe material. When you do not use, you can fold it flat so easy to storage.  Besides, because it can fold, it is small volumn, shipping cost is much less than unfoldable type .


Unfoldable Stubby Holder:

Unfoldable Stubby Holder is also called Cylinder Stubby Holder. It is normal type with a base. Unfoldable type is normally made of 5mm thick neoprepe material. It is more thicker, cooler effect is better and can fit the can or bottles tightly. Unfoldable type normally has a seperate rubber base, looks higher grade and more stable. For this type, it has many different producing ways according to clients demand:

Base: Glue connect / Hemming & Glue

Side: Zigzag Sewing / Tape Glue / Tape+Zigzag Sewing

Top: Cutting directly / Hemming

But because it is unfolded, so delivery packave is larger, then its shipping cost is much higher than foldable type


Foldable Cylinder Stubby Holder: 

This style combines all the advantages of the above 2 styles. It is cylinder type & with hemming, looks high grade.

It is sealed type so with good insulation effect. Most importantly, its base is same material with the body, it is soft enough to fold when shipping, cheaper cheaper shipping cost compare the Unfoldable type.

You can also print on the bottom. This type thickness is thinner than our normal unfoldable style.


Bottle Cooler:

This bottle cooler is specially for wine or beverage bottle type with longneck shape and zipper on the side. This zipper design makes it easy to get your bottle in and out. Bottle cooler has actually mainly 3 types:

A: with rubber unfoldable base

B: with foldable base

C: with sewn neoprene soft base   


1). How thick materials do you use?

We use different thick material for different types or accroding to clients demand.   Normally 3mm, 4mm thick, 5mm thick or any custom thickness you like.

2). What printing method do you use?

If your quantity is small, it is sublimation printing. If your quantity is large (thousands), and the design is simple, we will use silk screen printing.
3). Except above 4 basic types, what other styles do you offer?

We have slap type, t-shirt type, boots type, red-wine type, with pocket type, 5/6 package sleeve  ect.


Trade Terms:


Brand:  JARMOO (China Famous Advertising and Promotion Brand) ;
Factory Price: Negotiate;
Port: Guangzhou,Shenzhen,Shanghai,Ningbo;
We will choose the fastest and economics seaport departure according to your destination port ;
Payment Terms: L/C, Cash, Western Union, T/T, Paypal, Alibaba Trade Assurane, Credit Card, Money Gram,  D/P ;
Certification: SGS, TUV, BV


4). What stubby holders sizes do you offer ?  

Do you have any idea for your Stubby holder now?
Tell us the details of your Stubby holder !

Standard Size

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