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Dye Sublimation Process Details Show I JARMOO UNIFORM CUSTOMIZATION

Dye Sublimation Process Details Show I JARMOO UNIFORM CUSTOMIZATION


Dye Sublimation Process Details Achieve Quality I JARMOO UNIFORM CUSTOMIZATION

In the customization of group clothes, there is a special printing process, which can print the pictures clearly, 

and does not fade or fall off. It won't fall off even if it is washed 10,000 times. This printing process is called sublimation process. 

The sublimation process uses sublimation ink to print patterns on sublimation paper, and then uses high temperature to transfer 

the patterns on the sublimation paper to the fabric.It is suitable for many kinds of fabrics, such as: polyester knitted fabrics, modal fabrics, 

quick-drying fabrics, ice silk fabrics, etc.,

Dye sublimation process has no printing area limitation. You can print patterns all over printing on the clothes, which looks fashionable and generous. 

It is also the best choice for many advertising clothing and sportswear. Dye-sublimation garments are all made of cut pieces, and the size can be customized, 

not limited to the stock size, allowing you to customize your pattern and size as you like. Many club clothing, team clothing, and team activity clothing choose 

quick-drying clothes made of sublimation technology, which look good, stylish, and light and absorb well.

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