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Wuhan Jarmoo: Responding to National Call, Leading the New Blueprint for Cross-Border E-commerce Development

Wuhan Jarmoo: Responding to National Call, Leading the New Blueprint for Cross-Border E-commerce Development


The recent policies jointly released by the Ministry of Commerce and eight other departments aim to expand cross-border e-commerce exports, cultivate cross-border e-commerce entities, and strengthen related infrastructure and logistics systems. These policies provide strong support for domestic enterprises in their global market expansion and development. Wuhan Jarmoo has actively responded to this call, leveraging its strength and innovation capabilities to achieve remarkable success in the cross-border e-commerce sector, becoming a benchmark enterprise in the industry.

Innovation-Driven Approach to Enhance Cross-Border E-commerce Competitiveness

As a leading enterprise in the domestic flag display industry, Wuhan Jarmoo has been dedicated to the production and sale of high-quality flag products since its inception. With the support of national policies, the company continuously drives innovation, increases investment in cross-border e-commerce, and comprehensively enhances its competitiveness in the international market.

In its cross-border e-commerce business, Jiamuer Flag actively lays out its global market strategy by integrating online sales platform resources and building diversified sales channels. The company has not only established close cooperation with international e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba but also created its own brand website, further expanding its overseas market.

Actively Collaborating with Logistics Companies to Improve Product Transportation Assurance

To address the complexities of international logistics, Wuhan Jarmoo  has actively responded to the policy call by utilizing the cooperative zone’s telecommunications, network, logistics, and other supporting facilities and services. By understanding the characteristics of the cross-border e-commerce industry, the company has actively collaborated with logistics enterprises to enhance shipping, air freight, railway, and multimodal transport capabilities. Additionally, it has partnered with logistics and host country delivery companies to improve "last-mile" fulfillment capabilities.

Talent Cultivation and Team Building for Cross-Border E-commerce

In the fierce competition of cross-border e-commerce, talent is key to a company’s development. Wuhan Jarmoo places great importance on the cultivation and recruitment of cross-border e-commerce talent. The company has assembled a professional cross-border e-commerce operations and sales team, whose members not only have rich international market experience but also master advanced e-commerce operation skills.

Through regular training and international exchanges, the company continuously enhances the professional qualities and market sensitivity of its team. The operations team excels in market analysis, product promotion, and customer service, ensuring the company maintains a leading position in the cross-border e-commerce field.

Looking to the Future, Expanding the Global Blueprint

Looking ahead, Wuhan Jarmoo  is full of confidence. The company will continue to adhere to its innovation-driven strategy, further expand its cross-border e-commerce business, and enhance the international competitiveness of its products and services. Meanwhile, the company will make good use of the cooperative zone’s telecommunications, network, logistics, and other supporting facilities and services, ensuring that products can be delivered to global customers faster and more efficiently.

The company’s representative stated, "With the support of national policies, we will seize opportunities, meet challenges, and continuously improve the international level of our enterprise. We believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, Jarmoo Flag will achieve even greater success in the global market."

Wuhan Jarmoo : Leading Development with Innovation, Creating a Shared Future, and Writing a New Chapter in Cross-Border E-commerce!

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